Friday, February 8, 2008

Fridge Friday!!! Ain't she .... cute?

Okay, it's Friday, and on Fridays one is supposed to show the inside of his/her fridge!
I'm trying to give in to all of you, constantly begging to me to "please,
... please please open that fridge!"
But sadly, you haven't begged me enough yet, so this week you're only getting
this very old picture of my cat robbing the fridge!
It was more than a decade ago, unfortunately she's no longer with us...
She was our first and our favourite cat.

She was an exellent fridge burglar.
She opened it and stole whatever was inside that could tempt the delicate palate
of a Siamese Blue Point "cat"!

I caught her redhan ... no, this is not right.
Redfooted? Redpawed?
How should I describe this?
Anyway, this is my Fridge Friday for this week!
Cute huh?