Friday, October 10, 2008

One Year ago ...

One year ago, tomorrow to be exact,
I published my very first blog post on Nablopomo.
Yeah, I know, Nablopomo is supposed to happen in November,
but I couldn't wait! I was rather anxious to find out
if I would be able to pull it off. After all,
writing in a different language was a huge adventure to me.
Whether it was going to be a lonely journey,
or if maybe I'd find friends along the way
was still an unanswered question for me that day.
But I'm very, very happy to see
that friends I met in those early days are still my friends today.
And I've met many, many more since then.

So this is what I wrote a year ago ...

hi, or ... hello maybe?
I don't know where this adventure will take me,
but hey, does any adventurer know?
I doubt it, it just wouldn't be an adventure, wouldn't it?
If anybody reads this, please please please forgive me
my poor vocabulary or any mistakes you
(most likely) will find here.
English is not my every day language,
but I hope I will learn a lot this way...
You know, living in Europe,
born in Bruges and living near Antwerp,
I have a background, different from you all.
I'll try to tell you some stories,
or even paint you some scenes from my everyday life,
or things I have lived or seen ...

So yes, this is me.
Well, yeah, quite a long time ago ... but hey?

One day a stranger came up to my mothers house,
I took him to the garden,
looked at him with great confidence, and he took my picture....
My mother was inside the house,
probably cleaning, or preparing the next meal.
You know, the things mothers do,

.... when their daughter is out in the garden posing for a picture?