Thursday, May 8, 2008

ABC in Pictures, H ... is for High tea, Hens and Hats!

H is for .... High tea and hats.

On one of my photostrolls through Antwerp, I came across this window.
The old fashioned display in the shop and the hats caught my eye.
Not that I'm a hat lady, not at all I'd say, it just made a pretty picture.
Just now, writing this post, I got curious, and googled on the name on the window.
I found out that the lady who designs the hats and runs the shop
also organizes high tea hat trying sessions!
Groups ( from two up to fifty people) can come to her shop, try on hats,
while enjoying a high tea! Check it out here!
I think it's a great idea for a hen's party, ( wich is an H too, incidentally!) hehehe!
Anyway, it makes a great post for H!

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