Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Thirteen Features of Normandy

I'm sharing thirteen features I loved about Normandy this week.
It's such a pretty country, and it has so many treasures ...

1. Sea food, I could eat sea food every day,
well, as a matter of fact ... we did!

2. Cider, a sparkling wine made from apples.

3. Calvados a brandy distilled from cider.

4. Camenbert cheese made in the old fashioned way at he farm.

5. Pont-l'Evêque, Livarot cheese or the one riped in Calvados.
Thank God for "Lait Cru" cheese, the unpasturized ones have much more flavour!

6. Green pastures,

7. with beautiful wildflowers,

8. and gorgeous cows grazing on them

9. Apple trees in blossom ...

10. Boats and beaches, the sea is never far away either.

11. Narrow alleyways and tiny streets,

12. in gorgeous towns and cities.

13. Old farmhouses and broken down sheds

Ewww!! One too many?
Counted wrong again? Oh well, it's a bonus!
13+ Some very cute restaurants and places to eat ...

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