Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Monday, a Collection of Collections

If you're looking for my ABC pictures, don't dispair,
they are underneath this post,
so scroll down to the next one.
Not so fast, enjoy my Fun Monday first!

Mariposa is hosting this week's Fun Monday,
and this is what she wants of us ...

FUN Monday
is for us to have some FUN on a I'm going to get into your minds and do just that...have some FUN!


We all have them...and if you don't,
you just may not realize it.
For some reason or another we all collect something
and we collect it for reasons
that will definitely make for good reading.
So on Monday, I want to see your collection.
If you don't have or don't want or CAN'T (wink) show us
a picture, then tell us what the collection is in 10 words or less.
Then tell us why you started collecting it.

Some people have signed up already even before knowing
the challenge...brave souls!!!

I invite ALL of you to join...let's all make Monday a FUN Monday!!!

Now this is an assignment that sounds like fun!!
Looking at other people's collections, and sharing mine!
I said mine, yes, there's more than one collection in this house!
I already showed a tiny fragment of my teddybear collection,
it's here if you want to see it.

What else is there?

There's actually a collection of collections in this picture!
There are some antique corkscrews on the table,old glass jars,
carafes and some of my blue and grey earthenware pottery.

The glass jars contain ... a collection of pasta! Yeah, right!

A more detailed view of the corkscrews ...

More corkscrews here ...

In my kitchen there's a collection of old baskets,
I don't know how you would call them
but my grandmother called them egg baskets.
She used a similar one to take the eggs to the market.
The eggs were just simply wrapped in old newspapers!
Now that's a memory that made me smile, it just came to me!
I use them to store my onions, garlic and potato's.
I have some vintage kitchen ustensils on display there too.

Umm ... did I mention I have a small collection of chickens?

Egg cups?
Picture frames?

And pictures of course ...
Loads of them,
and they are right here on my blog,
for everyone to enjoy, every day!

But if you ask me why I collect al of these, I honestly don't know.
Every first thing I bought seemed to love company I guess?

This was fun!!
Now I am off to see what everybody else is collecting!
See you at Mariposa's!