Monday, May 26, 2008

ABC in Pictures Zut Alors!

If you're looking for my Fun Monday,
please scroll down to the next post,
but these will already get you in the mood,
I'm sure of that ...

The final two letters for Quilly's Photo challenge are Y and Z.

I am keeping the holiday atmosphere from my Fun Monday post
with two pictures from my favourite place on earth,
La Provence, in France.

Y ... for yellow ...

ans Z for .... "zut alors!"
"Zut alors!" is what you would say if you were in France,
trying to take a picture of this cute cat on the window sill.
You've got everything ready, and then your model
just does not feel like posing any more.

Zut alors!

This photo challenge was fun, I loved doing it.
Now go visit the others at Quilly's blog
one more time now, would you?