Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekly Winners, A Hidden Place where Time Stood Still

This week I want to take you with me


the béguinage of Antwerp.

It's another very quiet hidden place,

right in the middle of a busy city.
I don't think many people can find it,
I had never been there before last week either.

There are some very old statues in the garden,

a tiny chapel,

and walls covered with old plaques,
giving thanks for wishes and prayers that got forfilled ...

It's a place of peace, prayer and thought.

Did you know, there's even a Madonna hidden in that chimney?
Neither did I, I read it while doing some reasearch afterwards.
Next time I'll try to zoom in on that chimney much closer.

Anyway, this picture already gives you some idea ...
If you click on it, it will enlarge and then you can see it even better.

This is another Madonna, I love how time has chipped it a little.

It's a place where time has stood still.

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See you next week! Bye!