Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekly Winners, the Normandy Bridge

For this week's Weekly Winners I took some pictures of the Normandy Bridge.
Remember, I posted a You Tube video of it, two weeks ago.
I tried to capture it from every possible angle,
we even ignored " no trespassing signs"
just to get the last series at the bottom of this post!
So here we go ...

When we came back, we had very good weather ...
But the bad weather pictures we took
on our way up turned out better,
you'll see what I mean in a minute or so.
This is the bad weather on our way up.
It was the first glimpse of the bridge we got,
as we were paying our five euro toll money.

See, this does look better with good weather.

This is how bad the weather was on our way up.
Lucky for us, it was a little bit further away,
we were not really in it!

We wanted a little bit more than just the usual pictures
of the crossing of the bridge,
and we tried to find a different angle.

We ignored a "no trespassing" sign,
and drove along this road for a while,
to get you these magnificent pictures.
(Forgive me, I'm rather proud of these!)
That dark sky really adds to the drama, I think.

This is what you get with good weather ...
Hmmm, not bad, but the next one is much much better!

And this is my ultimate "bad-weather-Normandy-Bridge" picture,
I saved the best for last! ( I think? )
I never would have imagined
bad weather pictures to come out better?!

This is my weekly Winners for this week!
Don't forget to visit the others at Lotus's blog!
I'll be doing this tomorrow,
and I'll do an update on Quilly's ABC as well.
I really haven't got much blogging time today,
we are celebrating my mother's 75th birthday,
and mother's day at the same time, so ...?
Please, please please forgive me,
I'll be visiting all of you on Monday, OK?
See you!!!