Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photohunt " J ... for Jeanne d' Arc

Photohunt wants me to publish any picture today.
I joined Quilly's ABC photo meme as well,
so I'll have more than one picture here today.

This ruin is part of the prison where
Jeanne d' Arc was held captive on her way to her trial.

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J is for Jeanne d' Arc .

It's always nice to have a historical feature
if you own a restaurant, especially in France.

We had lunch in this cute restaurant, called Jehanne d' Arc.

There was this wall in the back of the garden,
it's the other side of the prison wall!
Now if you ask me, it seems to me Jeanne d' Arc
... was held prisoner in numerous places, all over France!

But I bet our food was better than hers!
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