Friday, May 9, 2008

ABC in pictures .... I is for Ice Cream

I is for ice cream and innocent tourists
who were being ripped off in London ...

Remember how I took a trip to London with my sisters?
My youngest sister and I were having this instant craving
for ice cream when we saw the ice cream car.
We ordered two medium ones because, you know ...
... small ones were just not big enough!
Our greediness got punished, because we had to pay FIVE pounds for them.
We were of course being ripped off as tourists,
five pounds is a lot of money for ice cream isn't it?
My sister Lena told us we'd better enjoy them,
as they must have been made out of liquid gold!
But when I turned around I saw this....

The Tower of London!

This is when I said " but of course sis,
it is a lot of money, but after all,
it IS an ice cream with a view, don't you think?
You have to pay for the view as well, don't you ?

I snapped a picture of it with the Tower behind it.
Yeah, I know I take pictures of everything, but still ...

We almost wet our pants giggling over this!
At least I got the picture!

The last two pictures were taken by my other sister Lena,
I guess she wanted some evidence of our sillyness?

I know I have told this story before.
It was in the early days of Nablopomo,
but I thought it would be a nice story for I.
I dug it out of the archives,
dusted and polished it a little re-edited it ...
here it is, the most expensieve ice cream ever!

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