Friday, May 9, 2008

Quilly's ABC in Pictures, an Update ...

I joined in a little later than the rest of you,
so I'm doing an update with the letters I've missed.
All of the pictures were again taken
on my recent trip to Normandy by the way!

A is for ... alley.
I saw this alley in Honfleur, the first day of our visit.

B is for .... boat .

C is for ... carroussel

D is for .... decoration.
E is for ... exelling.

Maybe a little explanation to that last picture.
We visited a cider farm, and while we were waiting
I snapped a few pictures. These colourful plaques
drew my attention. I investigated them a little closer and learned
they were vintage plaques, prizes this farm had obtained
over the years for the cider they make.

These are very old ones from the the fifties and even the thirties.
Click to enlarge this one, you'll be able to read them better!

That it for now, I'll be back later today with my "I" picture!
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